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  • Anzabonanza Pub Quiz

    Date: 2011.01.27 | Category: Drink Dates, Indoor Dates, Inexpensive dates, Night Dates, Vancouver area | Response: 0

    Some times they have costume night at the Pub Quiz and dress up like cats.

    The last Friday of every month is your time to shine – especially if you know a lot of trivia or if got a degree in the arts and want to prove to your parents that their 30K in tuition was worth it.  Once a month, comedians Eric Fell and Shaun Stewart host an incredibly wacky test of your mental skills in an old school, no-holds-barred pub quiz .  The quiz is held in the basement of the Anza Club which is located at 3 West 8th Ave in Vancouver.  It is like every pub quiz you ever went to (or imagined) in university.  There is cheap beer, ridiculously hard questions and heated arguments over the correct answer.  The cost is $10 per team with a max of five players per team.  There are prizes, tons of laughs…and did I mention cheap beer? 

    The next one happens Friday January 28th.  The quiz starts at 8pm.  Get there early to register your team and to study the internet before you are asked to turn off your iPad.

    For more information and updates, go to their facebook group page:

    Anzabonanza Pub Quiz Facebook Group Page

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