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    Vancouver Date Night was the brainchild of Maggie and Peter who looked at each other one night and were at a total loss of what to do on a free evening together.  Sure, there were the usual options:

    1. dinner at some chain restaurant followed by a movie (usually a comedy) at some chain movie theatre
    2. going to a club or bar where they would be the only people old enough to use their real IDs
    3. staying at home to watch a video on demand, only to discover there was nothing to rent worth the $5 rental fee and so they end up watching Seinfeld re-runs.  

    Maggie and Peter mused that there must be something fun, interesting and relatively inexpensive to do in a city of this size that is not so obvious.  (NOTE:  the inexpensive thing is key because let’s face it…if you had a wad of cash you could charter a plane and fly to Paris to really have an incredible adventure).  And so, Vancouver Date Night was born.  The plan is to try one different outing a week to give people ideas for new adventures in the city.

    And while it is called Vancouver Date Night, this is not a blog about dating or romance….it is about getting out of our ruts in terms of going out in Vancouver…. this applies to date nights with your significant other, your friends or yourself!  Let’s shake things up a bit Vancouver and have some fun out there!!!  

     ♥ M&P

    PS:  If you have an idea about a place that we should check out, feel free to drop us a line at:  vancouverdatenight(at)gmail(dot)com